About Us

e-Ananse: Where African stories come to life.

e-Ananse is a new model of public library, deeply rooted in Ghanaian, black and African culture. Currently offered in three locations in Accra, the e-Ananse libraries seek to revitalise Ghana’s reading and story-telling culture by improving literacy and providing young people access to high-quality, contemporary literature.

The libraries feature an extensive collection of works by African writers, in addition to smart technology hubs giving library members access to a range of online literary resources.

Each library offers a unique combination of print books, state-of-the-art computing facilities, and live literature events, all celebrating Ghana’s pride in its African heritage.

Ananse Amphitheatre

  • The Ananse Amphitheatre is a magnificent live literature space where stories come to life through staged readings and book club discussions

African inspired library

  • A celebration of African and Ghanaian literature, including collections of traditional stories, and classic and contemporary works


  • The smart technology hub features state-of-the-art IT facilities giving access to a world of online literary and literacy materials

Partner with us

  • Organisations are welcome to join e-Ananse Libraries in our efforts to transform Ghana’s reading culture for the better.

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